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You deserve the best
in your team.

HR Monster is a recruitment and selection service supported by MHR Consulting Romania. Its purpose is breaking the distance barrier when it comes to human resources and help you find your colleagues faster.

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    How to save time and resources with HR Monster.

    This service is the result of a 4 year research on the Romanian and European jobs, focusing on romanian workers and their preferences, expectations and aspirations. HR Monster integrates all this data with the four essential steps of the recruitment process, getting you closer to the perfect team.

    The perfect candidate really exists.

    HR Monster promises one thing. If the perfect candidate exists, we'll find him. If he doesn't, you'll still get the best next thing.



    We discuss with you to understand your needs (culture-fit, profile)
    and help you in your recruitment strategy.


    We start the HR Monster process by direct approach with 6, 8 or 12 filters, depending on the complexity of the job title.


    We keep on supporting you throughout the recruitment process in order to guarantee the success of our collaboration.

    Recruiting was never as easy as it is with us.

    Don't miss out on this opportunity to create the perfect team.

    Enough with this. Let’s get to business!

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