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What recruitment services does MHR Consulting offer for Romanian candidates seeking to work abroad?

MHR Consulting offers comprehensive recruitment services for Romanian candidates, including professional counseling, finding the most suitable jobs abroad, assistance throughout the application process, and ongoing support after employment.

How does MHR Consulting ensure the safety and legality of jobs for Romanians employed abroad?

MHR Consulting only collaborates with trustworthy companies and ensures that all offered jobs comply with the legislation of the respective country. Employment contracts are always legal, and the rights of Romanian employees are protected.

What benefits does MHR Consulting provide to Romanian candidates during the recruitment process and after employment?

In addition to finding the most suitable jobs, MHR Consulting provides Romanian candidates with assistance in preparing documents, translations, interview tips, and ongoing support after employment, ensuring they adapt easily to their new job.

How can a European company find Romanian workforce through MHR Consulting?

European companies can rely on MHR Consulting's expertise in finding the most suitable Romanian candidates for available jobs. Through efficient recruitment strategies and a vast database of candidates, MHR Consulting facilitates the process of finding skilled Romanian workforce.

What high-volume recruiting strategies does MHR Consulting use to find suitable candidates for partner companies?

MHR Consulting uses advanced high-volume recruiting strategies, such as social media targeting, participating in job fairs, and collaborating with educational institutions, to identify and attract the best candidates for partner companies.