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Connecting people & businesses across borders.

We’re the fastest High Volume recruitment agency from Romania.

Instead of spending hours a day sorting through job applications, let's better do this: You focus on converting leads into customers, we'll focus on converting candidates into teammates.

Automate your growth

Organized, ability to manage situations in an efficient way. A recruitment agency also abroad that is careful with who it collaborates with and then sends people to work. They are cool guys, I hope they stay the same in the future! Thank you, I am very satisfied.

Adriana Rebenciuc

Very professional, problems are solved in the shortest possible time. A truly serious company based only on honesty. I recommend you!

Papade Maria

I sincerely recommend. The services are of high quality and the staff showed a lot of professionalism. At this moment, the door to the much-desired interviewer opened for me.
Thank you!

alchimista alchimista

A very serious agency. The guys do their job very well and professionally. They take care to explain everything in a pleasant way, I recommend it. They raised the standards for how recruitment agencies should be. 😀

Andrei Dragan

A recruitment agency suitable for experienced people who, for various reasons, are looking for a new job.
I personally was referred to a reputable company, where I am now employed! 🙂

Radu Popa

An agency that has shown professionalism and to my surprise is interested in how you are placed at the destination and the conditions offered by the contractor. I recommend!

Marius Valentin Dumitru

High Volume Recruiting Strategies

Thinking only of successful business growth. Instead of spending hours a day sorting through job applications and scheduling interviews, you can focus on the tasks that matter most for your business.

Both you and the candidate are happy on the long run

At MHR, we believe that’s possible. We’re here to connect ethical companies with candidates who share their values and are looking for a place that upholds them. We want you to feel good about your day-to-day life, and we want to help the companies that make that possible find the employees they need to keep doing good in the world.

Frequently asked questions

What is Volume recruitment?

Finding the right people for the right times for projects starting from 20+ candidates.

What are the prices?

The prices vary and we would love to have a Google Meet about it. In terms of how we usually work, it goes like this: We demand a 20% payment advance of the total order before we begin the marketing/recruitment campaigns.

What if the candidate leaves?

We got you there, no worries. We provide a limited guarantee for our candidates. If they leave, we’ll replace them with no extra costs for you!

Enough with this. Let’s get to business!

Complete the form below and someone from our team will get in touch in the next 48 hours to discuss your recruitment strategy. In a rush? Call us using this number.